Apple CarPlay Review

It turns out that 2015 is the year you finally lose any excuse for using your phone behind the wheel. Google introduced Android Auto earlier this year and now it’s Apple’s turn to join the mix.


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  1. To see such a low res crappy touchscreen and such a stunted set of features in such an expensive car, i would say both apple and corvette need a slap in the face. To pay for an expensive car and get such a bullshit quality interface … car play should be called "kids play"… whatta load of crap

  2. THIS MAKES ME SO MAD as a British motorcyclist my main problems on the road is drivers on their phone either speaking or txting and merging into my lane or driving almost into me and now this !!! This is going to put other road users and kids crossing the road in body bags !!!!

  3. My 2015 Jeep Rubicon Infotainment is pure garbage. The mess up thing about is, you're force to get if you get a fully loaded vehicle. I have to spend extra money to switch a third party dash board to replace it.

  4. I hate apple and apple carplay. all apple wants you to do is buy into more of their latest crap. because of carplay most of the models of cars aren't comping with built in navigation systems making you have to own an apple product in order to use them.

  5. The fact that you have to use your iphone is a fail. Carplay should have its own OS. Also what good is using apps if you cannot use WAZE which is the best map driving app out !

  6. You lost me at, "Plug in the iPhone"…… Nothing shittyier than still plugging in your iPhone when this day of age in Wifi and Bluetooth. Sorry nope until carplay is totally wireless of me getting into my car and iphone syncing straight to the head unit wirelessly.

  7. I don't understand why GM doesn't update cars/trucks from the past couple years to allow Car Play.  Many of the models over the past year or two can handle this just fine with just a software update.

  8. i love the new feature called car crash when if you are on car play and driving a you will experience the new look of car crashes. also if you die in this feature your dead corpse and crashed car might be on the news!

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