Duck, Duck, Bad Cap. Let’s go bowling.

New items added to iPad Rehab Supply Store–UV curable solder mask and UV light curing station.

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  1. With boards only repairs You fix damage and not the problem… moving and rattling oil machine has probably some shorting wires with shred insulation and both those traces on relay board had seen heat. This is always first mark about overload in circuit, nothing else don't do this to the traces. You saw heated copper where soldermask is peeling. So, using thicker wires make things worse next time. Placing fuse there was good idea and real problem can found only onsite. But good luck anyway!

  2. Since I'm that Flir hacker, I can use my cheapest Flir E4 and closeup lens to see small things with very small temp differences.
    I made little slideshow "Flir E4 closeup lens".

  3. Think people need to think in terms of input output 0 or 1 if you want to think as 1 as + and 0 as – when reading schematics, then you can get an oscilloscope when working with date lines and apply that to study data lines allows you to then use test point to quickly diagnose problems with an ic.

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