Huawei P10 vs. Apple iPhone 7 Comparison

Buy: – The Huawei P10 is the latest Flaggship Product by the well known Chinese Smartphone manufacturer. Great looking and with tons of features, that the apple iphone 7 does not have. So check out this comparison video between the two Flagship Devices.

Huawei P10 on
Apple iPhone 7 on

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  1. I have had high-end Huaweis since the P8. I'll have the P10 plus too. Great phones! However, some points that you presented showed that you are biased towards the Huawei. Battery size is irellevant, as optimization is quite higher in the iPhone, RAM doesn't matter, colors on the Huawei are more saturated, not more realistic ….. So …. yeah …. I disliked your review, but it seemed fair to also tell you why. Cheers!

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