iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD

Can the Apple iPad mini douse the flames of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD? Find out more about these two 7-inch tablets by watching this comparison video.
-iPad mini (16GB/WI-FI/White):
-Kindle Fire HD 7″, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB:

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  1. you obviously hate apple since you can't afford an iPad since your reflection at the beginning explains that you eat your self into comfort… stop eating and look up weight loss on your kindle…

  2. i have the ipad mini 2 it has the ios 10 and 1.9 processor .. 8 mp rear camera .. its waaay better kindle shits doesnt stand a chance to apple .. apple is the best

  3. I had a kindle before but Ever since I was able to create my first account on it I was having alot of Trouble,it was my first tablet, but I'm gonna go with the iPad mini specifically the iPad in genral

  4. I have a kindle fire hd and I'm getting a iPad mini 2 for my birthday on October 30 but I love both kindle mostly for reading but also games and also the iPad games but mor games on iPad and my iPhone 6s is the one for social media and textig

  5. The iPad mini is pretty thin but if you buy a case it's way easier to hold. I think the iPad mini is better and I think it would win over the kindle. I had a kindle fire HD and before my iPad mini and I see a lot of differences between them, the apps, the camera, and other stuff. In my opinion I think it is better to buy a iPad mini but make sure to have a case.

  6. lol the ipad is too thin and light! they should make it fatter and heavier with big wide bezels and build it with plastic instead of metal and fill it up with advertising to compete with the kindle!

  7. Kindle fire
    The battery is bigger
    It's cheaper
    You can watch amazon prime 
    Not as much apps as the ipad mini 
    It's smaller

    Ipad mini
    Has more apps
    Lower battery
    Cost more money
    You can't watch amazon prime

  8. I've just bought an Amazon HD 7 becasue im sick of my ipad lagging. WHat they dont tel you about apple is the amount of unnecessary updates apple throws at you for the ipad. These have crashed both mine, my father's, and my brother in laws ipads. Another reason for the Amazon kindle is that if you do break the screen, the parts are available cheaply to repair and are far cheaper than apple replacement parts.

  9. Why spend soo much money on an iPad when you can just get a kindle fire? They are clearly better and if you saw.the two videos of that dude with a phone you can clearly see that the kindle has way.better color. Apple is way too expensive

  10. Well, I am an iPad user of past ~ gave my iPad 3 away to someone who does not have a computer.  It did start to fail me, with speed and functionality, although it looked brand new, had at&t cellular, and wifi 32. gb.  So I have a laptop and desktop also an iPhone 6 64 gb.  which i love…(all apple products) why would i get another iPad, that would lose it's efficacy in a few years, lots of money to spend on the one i would want…so I got the 7" hdx kindle fire..I have Amazon Prime, and i love all of the features…things I can get, read etc.  i was looking for a good reader, handy for travel, etc. cover is great too that was offered after purchase..and i only paid 159$ for the 16gb version. I went to the library as well, and I can borrow books for free as well. Amazon Prime also has a feature for the kindle users to borrow 1 book from their library for free a month + more.  What can I say?  I like to read, and not carry books around.  I read a lot more with the kindle, it doesn't get Hot like the iPad did….and that's it from me.

  11. I have a question I have just a kindle fire, I got it for Christmas in 2013 or 2012 but I've only used it 5-10 times and I don't know how to update it, does it automatically update or do you have to do it yourself?

  12. I to be honest like the kindle more because I have a kindle and an iPad so I have experience with both. I do really wish my kindle had a camera though. that's all I would want. plus I really like the feature on iPad where u Can put several apps in one folder for easy find and being able to make links turn into apps. I still say kindle though??

  13. I Have a Kindle Fire HDX Gen 3 Which is better than the iPad mini Kindle Fire is better because it has a hard back which means it will not have scratches.But the IPad mini when you drop it will have scratches

  14. I'm luckily because I have got both . I fin the picture.comes out on the kinble better but.the ipad has a better type pad and looks better.. I'm typing this from my kinble right now which is harder than my ipad but and the.end.of the.day the.Kimble is good in its own way and so is the.ipad .

  15. Hi guys i just wanted to say that kindle is pretty affordable and durable apple is for the snobs who like to say :HEY THERE I GOT AN IPAD YA LOSER YA HAVE NO MONEY! apple users i just ask ya:why just spent money on the 300-400 or more dollar ipad
    when there is android and kindle? android is absolutely free want music,photos.ebooks its here for FREE
    that isnt piracy its legal, i just bought an android phone for 130 dollars its absolutely fast in gaming like real racing call of duty strike team and asphalt 8
    NO lag  NO bugs
    i ask ya again why just spent money on everything
    there is android and kindle ya no need to hack or cheat or things like that
    Guys Money Is Limited!
    spend money correctly!
    Apple is pirating for money and android and kindle are not 
    truly not

  16. I have the 32 gb Kindle Fire Hd. I had it for over 2 years now. At the time I wanted an Apple ipad. But those things were way too much money. With the Kindle Fire they were like half the price of an ipad. And plus after having it for over 2 years. I am totally addicted to my Kindle. And prefer it over the ipad.

  17. Kindle Fire HD has the Amazon store, so more apps are available and uploading is easier. But some people forget about Amazon, so they just upload to Google Play (some people call Android Store). I like Google Play store best as it IS the best.

  18. The screen is way bad and I'm using iPad and with the updates this kindle sucks bad looks way more efficient so there is not a reason in the world why you should get a kindle I don't even think there is updates for kindle if I was auto correct I would rename it stupid literally come on

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