iPhone 7 Plus Giveaway! (Open)

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I have decided to change the goal from one thousand subscribers to fifteen thousand subscribers by August 1st. I’m sorry for changing it but I reached one thousand subscribers too soon and felt bad for the people who didn’t get to enter. Sorry again but I still believe that this is a Reachable goal.


  1. Hi grantex I would love to win this phone because my parents cannot afford it and I have wanted an iPhone for so long and this would be my chance to win it. Thanks so much for doing this video

  2. Hey. I did all the steps and I really hope I win this giveaway. I am so happy I found your channel because you do creative and unique things that is entertaining. So Please please , I hope I win this giveaway I would be so glad and thankful and blessed. If I were to win this giveaway my email is langeliecarmil222@gmail.com

  3. hey i want the iphone because i worked soo hard to get one i wanted one for my sisters birthday soon you always make me smile fingers crossed that i get it i done everything

  4. I shared this with all of my friends and really hope to win! You're doing a great job on Youtube so far and I hope your channel continues to grow. Keep up the great videos! 🙂

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