iPhone 8 WORKING CLONE Unboxing

Apple iPhone 8 Unboxing. Working Clone based on Prototype Leaks ►►► dbrand skins:

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  1. Dont know where you all guys are you taking all informations about the design for the iphone.
    but the shape of the iphone is not going to be like that.

    The cameras will centered on the back.
    not sure about the step. i guess the cameras will be hide inside the case.

    to get a 4k video apple needs to increase the size of the battery and increase the processor. if they do not do that they will have a lot of problems.
    and maybe will be experience some iphone explosions.

  2. Idk about y'all but I'm excited about the 8, the design finally changed and it looks sexy. I was thinking about switching to an S8 but because of the software slowing down I'm not. I also like how it is like a medium sized phone too.

    And my cat sneezed on my thumb…

  3. This fucking phone is ugly af, with them stop light cameras and no finger print scanner, and nobody gonna buy this shit, get an iphone thats dick shaped so you can go fuck yourself

  4. it would be interesting to see a tear down of those clones with a side to side comparison to the real thing… just to see the differences between the clones and an original iphone when it comes to hardware and buildquality and so on… maybe you could do something like that in the future!

  5. It’s not a legit clone if it’s not absolutely identical. A clone would be if Apple allowed a 3rd party brand to sell their devices but change the badge. This is nothing more than an imitation foogezzi piece of shit!

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