1. I hate you. I literally hate you. That's right you STUPID ghost. go back to hell so you can poop your ectoplasm. You've ruined my brother's life. NOW I CAN NOT WATCH MY STUFF AND PLAY MY STUFF. I'M ONLY A BOY, I'M 12. EVERYDAY THAT STUPID ENTITY DANCES HIS STUPID FACE AROUND. I HOPE HE GETS LEFT ALONE.

    Do you know how many times he goes on my phone? Hm? EVERYDAY. 24/7 HE CHATS TO HIS FRIENDS. I NEED TO WATCH MY STUFF. DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?

    Your app is a waste of time.

  2. When will they update Snapchat so US android users can upload our photos from gallery to our " stories " and not just friends !?!? Seriously this is so unfair to android users. Please fix this and let us be able to have it as well. So disappointing. I seriously don't understand why they always ONLY ever make apps available for " iPhone " only. Smfh.

  3. Dude you can stick your bubble to the top end of the screen or the bottom end of the screen and slide your funger all the way off the screen without lifting it up and just sliding it off the phone you will still be video chatting, and no longer touching the screen. Nobody mentioned that. also while doing that let's you slid your finger and stuck the bubble to the top end of the phone you can double tap the screen and make the bubble and camera swift to the opposite sides say your slid your finger all the way off the screen without lifting it up but off the screen and stuck your bubble icon to the top of the screen you can now double tap the screen and it'll jumped to the bottom edge and stick to the bottom itll all switch the cameras used to know and you can do that back switch it back and forth from top to bottom front to by double tapping.
    But now that you're no longer touching the screen in order to in the video chat you have to remove your bubble off of the edge of the screen. but it only works sticking on to the top or the bottom and you have to slide your thumb off of your phone without lifting it up

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