Keynote for iPad in 5 Minutes

Sam shows the key features of Keynote 1.6 for iPad (iOS) in 5 minutes. Best watched in full screen 1080p.

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  1. You can basically make a nice presentation and show it from the ipad without keynote. Just make your slides using pages on your mac. Save each slide as a jpeg and put them in order on your ipad. The you just slide from one photo to the next. They will all be still images, but it works for basic stuff.

  2. Hi;
    You can save keynote presentations as a .ppt for a PC, however it messes up a lot of the formatting and transitions. I recommend displaying the Keynote directly off an iPad, or off a Mac if you have the option


  3. hi buddy, congratulations for ur very nice video, one little question, im thinking to get a ipad and i wanna know if the keynote presentations works on a PC presentation, Greetings from Chile

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