Moment: Osmo Mobile + Moment Lenses + iPhone 7 Plus

How to Get the DJI OSMO Mobile to work with Moment Lenses and iPhone 7+
Check out the full guide here:

New Moment Photo case shown in this video for the iPhone 7+ .We are now fully funded on Kickstarter so make sure to get your Pre-orders in!

We are thinking about making a kit for mobile filmmaking with the OSMO Mobile and Moment Lenses. Take the quick survery linked below to help us get…


  1. Good Morning Caleb, Loving the quality of my V2 Lens… they are pure quality! However I'm a little stuck, I have an iPhone 6 and the Moment non-electronic photo case married to the new wide lens. But these seem to be too heavy for my DJI Osmo Mobile. I know the iPhone 6+ needs the counter weight but my phone is just a iPhone 6. You say it can be done… but what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

  2. Just got our moment wide lens! So excited! However, we use the Smooth Q gimbal and at first test (very brief) I am seeing the Gimbal in the shot. Does this happen with the OSmo or do people just use the gimbal in a manner that you dont see it? Many thanks in advance!

  3. Other than giving wider field of view by the wide angle moment lens, does the moment lens also enhance the quality of photos and videos like more vivid and sharper footage. Just new here, so just bear with me if my question is kinda stupid 🙂

  4. Hey Moment, Can you please start producing these weights and selling them it would really be nice because a lot of people that but the lenses get gimbals.

  5. Caleb your choice of music in your video sucks. We see way to much of your face in all of your videos. You talk (narrate) at inappropriate times and post edit pacing is lousy. Wise up and improve your production values.

  6. Would using a 2nd Moment lens work as a suitable counterweight for the Oslo Mobile? Could you create a small lens holder that attached to the gimbal that would hold another Moment lens (Tele for instance) and have both a counterweight and lens holder all-in-one?

  7. The amount of vignetting that I get on my 7 plus is very frustrating. For the money I invested into this lense I shouldn't be getting any. I use filmic pro and it's almost unbearable to record because of so much darkness around the corners.

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