Special Edition Product Red Replica/Fake iPhone 7/7 Plus, White Screen VS Black Screen Unboxing!!!

Many customers ask us if we can do the Red iPhone 7/7 Plus with Black Screen + Red Back, that’s quite interesting to all of us. Absolutely, Yes we do!!!

Regarding the Red iPhone 7/7 Plus, we offer 2 choices for you now:
1) Regular Version: Front with White Screen + Back Red
2) Customized Version: Front with Black Screen + Back Red

Here is the link to purchase this so special Red iPhone 7/7 Plus:



  1. perfect phones great black screen amazing combination the seller made this for me special order only few of this in the world
    perfect seller good man and trustble thank u so much faysen!!!!

  2. if i purchased this replicaor other phones replica from ur link can i get the apple or samsung logo on the replica because on the website the images of replica doesn't have any logo of apple or samsung please brother reply fast i want to buy these replicas

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