Switching from iPhone 7 Plus to Galaxy S8? Impossible?

iPhone vs Galaxy S8! We see how group messaging, FaceTime, pictures and more are impacted when you pop the sim out of your iPhone for the S8. What do you guys think? iOS or Android?

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  1. Hey guys! Thanks for watching. I ultimately chose the S8 as my daily driver but ran into some issues along the way which I shared in this video.

    Response to frequent comments:
    – Definitely not here to "fanboy" over Apple nor am I paid by apple lol… that REALLY wouldn't make much sense since I ultimately ended of choosing the S8 as my daily driver.
    -Group chat was tough because the people around me all use imessage and do not want to use third party apps (ex. in group chat with family and parents that are 60+ and don't want anything to do with third party apps like whatsapp, duo,etc..)
    – There's a sim card in there lol. I have two, one for my daily driver and whatever phone I'm testing. I wouldn't lie to you guys.

    So relax, put your pitchforks away my android ppl and watch until the end of the video!

  2. I did the switch from iPhone 6 to Samsung galaxy 6 and tbh I have never looked back I love the amount of stuff you can do on android compared to Apple, just really need to upgrade to the s8 soon could you do a review on the Samsung gear s3?

  3. You have to close old group chat from Apple ID then use MMS group chat oh my lol
    these complains are absolute dogshit. I went from iPhone to the S7 Edge, not a single problem! Probably helps that I was using Google Photos for my pictures

  4. it is true if your an iPhone user that is also a mac use and you rely on all of apples services you will never be able to make the switch to android, until Apple decides to support android with its services and apps.

  5. I have the galaxy S8 but I also have my iPhone 7+ as well I use both one personal and one work phone so I would never get rid of my iPhone EVER because I rely too much on apples services and I develop iOS apps so its impossible to not have an iPhone for me but I can add an android phone into the mix I will forever have 2 phones !!

  6. s8 is good but the problem here is that he is trying to shift from iPhone to Android he will need to give up his iCloud usage since he will use s8 which is an Android device. So basically this is a comparative review wherein the POV is from an apple user.

  7. I'm in africa apple services are irrelevent this side seems they only work in the us we use whatsapp this side ios or android i have switched back from iphone 7 to s8 i find it has way more features that we can actually use in real life

  8. I recently made the switch from iPhone to S8+, there's some things to get used to but overall it's a great phone! great video, thx for being honest…new subscriber!

  9. So the biggest issues is that since all your friends use iphones, you cant use imessage? who doesnt have unlimited SMS or use facebook or whatsapp?

  10. My work guys and I have a couple, years old group chats. We have one in Hangouts and another (that has become the primary) in FB Messenger. Both are platform agnostic. This is something that I never understood as a complaint ("I NEED iMessage!") Also, Messenger's video chat is mature and full featured. Also platform agnostic.

    There are lots of other options, of course, but almost everyone that I know already has Messenger. It's so ubiquitous, I don't understand why Americans don't use it like the rest of the world uses Whatsapp.

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