The iEconomy: Factory Upgrade – Apple News 2012 | The New York Times

Change comes to factories in China.

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  1. Europeean o us workers will not provide as much Apple or Hp products as the consummers want. Is about culture and mentalitty. China is diffrent, ppl think diffrent.

  2. NYT, just wanna say that I am glad that you do a report on the abuse of workers and bring it to America. Otherwise, Foxconn will gonna keep abusing their workers. Yeah, I know they are still doing it, but at least not as screwed up as before.

  3. The American firm is at fault here.

    The American firms such as Wal-Mart and Apple uses cut-throat competition between Chinese contractors to accept low profits or no profit at all.
    So the Chinese factories/companies have no choice but to cut back on other stuff or force over-time work in order to make a profit and survive.

    Can anyone prove that I'm wrong that the US is INDIRECTLY or somewhat directly and deliberately making those choices.

  4. Slavery was extremely profitable.
    The overhead that time was nothing compared to obligations of employer employee today.
    It did not work anymore 'couse of other facts: social and humanitarian achievements and outdated merchandise.

  5. Fucking hell Apple, your top executives are making billions of dollars and you couldn't prove a factory worker with a simple chair with back support? Disgusting. Hopefully the working conditions will steadily get better to at least be somewhat comparable to the conditions in Western countries.

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