The iPhone 8 might get a mirrorlike finish (Apple Byte)

Apple is losing market share to Amazon and Comcast. More iPhone 8 rumors including a potential wireless charger that may arrive late and a mirror finish could be in store for the next phone.

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  1. Honestly getting over apple and their lies after lies… seriously thinking of switching back over to andoird. It was the first one I ever got and well might be time to switch back.

  2. Like i've been saying, Siri needs a dedicated indexed universal engine to improve it's search results, not a Google engine but Apple needs it's own engine.
    what have are they doing with IBM Watson?
    besides the machine learning OS it brought to WWDC High Sierra in month of June?
    They have to do more than less! it's beyond ridiculous now!

  3. So, geeks deciding to use Face Scan at bed time with no lights? Or they want us to sleep under flood lights?

    Pity that Apple wants to remove Home button while other buttons retain

  4. I never thought it was relevant to the content to take your looks into consideration. Now that you brought a comment from somebody about the "skunk" into this video, I figured I would look you over. My assessment is you are a fine piece of ass. Good day.

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