Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs of All Time

We’re counting down the 10 best role-playing mobile games on the iOS.

Star Wars: KOTOR gameplay by Dr. Aaron Schmidt. Watch full gameplay at

One Piece Treasure Cruise gameplay by Einfo Games Freeplay. Watch full gameplay at

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  1. (I really find this game, “fetching mimu only” (Google it) impressive. Right after downloading this game, I introduced it to my friend and had fun with her. She got so amused by the game that she wouldn`t stop playing it! You need to try this mobile game too simply because it is truly amusing for me personally!

  2. in my opinion the quest by redshift games is one of the better games ever made (no joke) you guys should check it out im a little sad it didnt make it unto your guys list…but at the same time it could just be me being nostalgic

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